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Chrysler Marine exhaust manifolds, risers, elbows
Osco Manifolds and Risers Since 1932


OSCO Motors Co. has been in the business of providing boaters with a high quality, reasonable cost alternative to original manufacturer's equipment. OSCO’s marine exhaust systems are made in the USA with pride. We deal directly with the most skilled iron foundries in the USA. All design, machining and processing is done at OSCO’s manufacturing facility in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

We also have a complete line of Barr Chrysler Manifolds and Risers Click Here

     CHRYSLER Manifolds risers Osco Small Block V8 318 - 360 With Swivel Exhaust

     CHRYSLER Manifolds Small Block V8 318-360 with Fixed Exhaust

     CHRYSLER Osco Manifolds Big Block V8 440- 383 ,7081, E7081M

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