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Guest Intelligent Charging System 12 Amp 12V or 24V



12 Amp Dual Output ICS Battery Charger

Product Features: 
  • The most advanced charging devices available! Fastest Charge with advanced micro-technology for maximum performance!
  • The control center is a membrane covered panel, positioned for easy view of all functions and easily accessible to the user selectable buttons
  • Features easy to read LED Indicators of charge status, user selectablebuttons to tailor the charge for specific battery types (AGM/Flooded or Gel) per output, and warning indicators to alert you before a serious problem
  • Electronics system is mounted on an anodized aluminum base to provide efficient heat dissipation and decreased weight
  • Circuits are coated in epoxy to protect sensitive electronic components from water or vibration and case is slotted on the sides to provide convection cooling of the anodized aluminum base plate while maintaining an IP65 Water Resistance standard


 Independent battery chemistry selectable

 • Battery Fault indicators

 • Remote indicator ready

 • IP65 rating

 • 14hr. Bulk Timer

 • 8hr. Absorption Stage Timer


Battery Recommendation

 Maximum Battery Size: Not Applicable

Battery Type: FLA, AGM or Gel

Maximum Recharge Time: Not Applicable

Input Rating

 Input Voltage Range: 95 – 135VAC

Input Current Rating: 4.5Amps

Float – Maintenance Stage

 Float Voltage (+/- 0.2VDC): 13.4VDC (FLA)

13.8VDC (Gel)

13.4VDC (Safe)

Float Current: 0 – 2Amps

LED status: Charge Status Green


Absorption Voltage (+/- 0.25VDC): 14.25VDC (FLA)

14.1VDC (Gel)

14.1VDC (Safe)

Absorption Current: 0 – 6Amps

LED status: Charge Status Blue

Full Load – Bulk Stage

 Full Load Voltage (+/-0.5VDC): 13.75VDC (FLA)

13.6VDC (Gel)

13.6VDC (Safe)

Full Load Current: 6 – 6.5Amps

LED status: Charge Status Red


Specification Sheets: 
Price: $188.47

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