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Barr Manifolds Risers
Chrysler V8 - 273, 318, 340, and 360 C.I.D
1966 and Up Log Style Direct Replacement

Chrysler 318 360 log style manifold
Chrysler 318 360 Direct replacement water cooled log style manifold for model years 1973 to 1986.
 Manufacturer Part # CM-1-6677A includes mounting bolts and manifold to head gaskets.
Base SKU:BARCM-1-6677A
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $390.00
On Sale For: $292.75 

Chrysler Exhaust swivel riser/upper elbow 318 360 440
Chrysler Exhaust swivel riser/upper elbow. Direct replacement for Chrysler part #’s3745639, 2847623, 2487404 and E9233M.  Manufacturer Part # CM-20-4142411
Base SKU:BARCM-20-4142411
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $325.00
On Sale For: $252.29 

Chrysler Marine 20 degree exhaust elbow 3527794.
Fully jacketed 20 degree exhaust elbow. Accepts 3” I.D. exhaust hose. Direct replacement for Chrysler part # 3527794. Will mount directly to manifold or can be used with riser# CM-20-6674.
Manufacturer Part # CM-20-6672
Base SKU:BARCM-20-6672
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $160.00
On Sale For: $124.20 

Chrysler Fully jacketed exhaust 6” riser
Fully jacketed exhaust riser. 6” riser protection. Direct replacement for Chrysler part # 2846689 Manufacturer Part # CM-20-6674
Base SKU:BARCM-20-6674
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $165.00
On Sale For: $128.09 

Chrysler lower Exhaust Riser 2600402
Exhaust riser lower elbow. Direct replacement for Chrysler part # 2600402.
 Manufacturer Part # CM-20-2600402
Base SKU:BARCM-20-2600402
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $190.00
On Sale For: $147.49 

90 degree exhaust elbow. Direct replacement for Chrysler
90 degree exhaust elbow. Direct replacement for Chrysler part #’s 2847405 and 2469639.
Manufacturer Part # CM-20-2847405
Base SKU:BARCM-20-2847405
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $170.00
On Sale For: $131.96 

6” exhaust Chrysler E9232M elbow high riser extension
6” exhaust elbow high riser extension. Direct replacement for Chrysler part # E9232M Manufacturer Part # CM-20-9232
Base SKU:BARCM-20-9232
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $155.00
On Sale For: $120.32 

Chrysler 3527869 front end plate
Front end plate with 1/2” N.P.T. water connection. For use where water connection is made from the front of the manifold. Will replace Chrysler part # 3527869, (1) required per manifold.
May require mounting kit #CM-1-6672B-P (show on next page).Will fit both manifold styles Manufacturer Part # CM-1-6672H
Base SKU:BARCM-1-6672H
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $44.00
On Sale For: $34.16 

Chrysler part # 2846106 Front end plate without the water connector
Front end plate without the water connector, (1) required per manifold
(Chrysler part # 2846106). May require mounting kit # CM-1-6672B-P(shown on next page). Order the appropriate end flanges and fittings according to your requirements.
 Manufacturer Part # CM-1-6672B
Base SKU:BARCM-1-6672B
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $37.00
On Sale For: $28.73 

Chrysler Marine 318 340 360 elbow mounting kit
Mounting kit for exhaust elbow connector for raw water cooled manifolds (includes bolts, gasket and pipe plug). Manufacturer Part # CM-20-6672P
Base SKU:BARCM-20-6672P
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $10.00
On Sale For: $7.76 

TUBE-WATERoriginal tube (Chrysler part # 3527781)
Copper water distribution tube, (1)required per manifold. Replaces original tube (Chrysler part # 3527781) where used. Will fit both manifold styles Manufacturer Part # CM-1-6672E
Base SKU:BARCM-1-6672E
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $38.81 

318 360Stainless steel manifold to cylinder head mounting kit
318 360 Stainless steel manifold to cylinder head mounting kit
Chrysler marine exhaust 318 360 Stainless steel manifold to cylinder head mounting kit (includes stainless studs, nuts, manifold to head gasketsand brass drain plugs)
Base SKU:BARCM-1-6677SS-P
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $27.17 

Chrysler 318 340 360 log manifold mounting kit
Manifold to cylinder head mounting kit for 318 340 360 log style manifolds(Order (1) of the appropriate mounting kits according to your requirements).  Manufacturer Part # CM-1-6677P
Base SKU:BARCM-1-6677P
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $14.75 

Barr Chrysler exhaust adapter
Adaptor for rear end of manifold. Use with Barr style exhaust risers or elbows, (1) required per manifold.
 Manufacturer Part # CM-1-6672C
Base SKU:BARCM-1-6672C
In Stock:Yes
Regular Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $42.70 

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